Servomex has introduced a new ServoCal Calibration Gas Kit that delivers engineers an easy and cost-effective solution to analyser calibration.

Designed for meeting the quality requirements of Servomex products, but also highly suitable for use with other analyser brands, the ServoCal kit consists of two 112 litre aluminium cylinders of specified calibration gas and a single fixed flow regulator.

All this is packaged in a robust carry case for convenient transportation.

Portable and lightweight, the briefcase-style design allows easy, quick and safe calibration on site without the need for lifting gear, trolleys or outside storage.

Compatible with all major manufacturer regulators, ServoCal offers a long shelf-life with no complicated tools required for use. The non-refillable cylinder design removes the need for rental charges to be paid or fillable cylinders to be tracked, while refills are available for quick delivery worldwide.

Empty cylinders can easily be recycled on site to reduce unnecessary shipping and administration costs.

ServoCal kits offer several logistical advantages to customers, including stocking at one location to enable easy gas management, delivery to commissioning sites independent or in advance of products, or direct shipping to an engineer to reduce the time and cost of collecting a kit from a depot.

Quality approved to ISO:9001 2008, all ServoCal gas mixtures are manufactured gravimetrically to NIST or NPL air kerma standards. A full range of analyser calibration gases are available for order, including nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane.