Boasting a 10-year sensor life, Analox Sensor Technology has launched a new version of its O2NE oxygen depletion analyser.

The new O2NE has all the same functionality as the original O2NE, but comes installed with a sensor that will last 10 years and extended calibration periods.

In fact, the new unit only requires recalibration once every 18 months.

Mark Lewis, Managing Director of Analox Sensor Technology, commented on the new release, “We work continuously with clients to develop our products to meet their needs. The reliability of our units is essential.”

“We have been able to extend the sensor life considerably. This enables clients to operate for much longer periods between recalibrations or sensor replacements, with the aim of ensuring ongoing safe working conditions, and reducing disruption.”

The O2NE is a wall-mounted oxygen depletion monitor, which alarms if oxygen levels fall. It has a digital display, and comes with a remote repeater alarm as standard. The unit is designed for use in industrial locations where oxygen could potentially be displaced by another gas, and low levels could cause injury, such as laboratories and gas storage areas.