Chart and VTG have announced the successful manufacture and testing of the cryogenic tank section of the world’s first LNG railcar prototype.

Production and testing took place at Chart Ferox’s facility in Decin, Czech Republic, with the company saying farewell to the vessel in mid October and it moving en-route to VTG in Elze, Germany for final assembly.

Over the next few weeks, the vessel will be finally mounted on the chassis and after the completion, the wagon will be carried out prior to final testing.

The cryogenic LNG storage vessel is over 24m long, and has a volume of approx. 111m³. Due to the vessel’s outstanding insulation properties, it will maintain the LNG at the initial filling temperature of approximately -161°C for up to 4-6 weeks without product loss through evaporation.

Each railcar replaces two trucks on the road and so, besides the positive environmental benefit and economic advantage of LNG, LNGonRail also means even less air pollution and less traffic jams.