Building on an installed base of on-site hydrogen generation and refuelling equipment for the industrial mobility market in the US, Nuvera Fuel Cells is to introduce its PowerTap™ PT-50 hydrogen generator to the international gas distributor market from 2015.

With this, Nuvera says, industrial gas distributors can potentially increase their margin on hydrogen gas sales by installing their own dedicated production source, rather than purchasing gas for re-sale.

Prabhu Rao, Chief Commercial Officer at Nuvera, explained, “The question for many industrial gas distributors is whether their hydrogen source is the most competitive it can be in the 12-75 Nm3/h (25-150 kg/day) range. This is the range at which owning a dedicated source of high-purity hydrogen on-site to fill cylinders, for example, will support a strong business case for PowerTap.”

One industrial gas major has successfully followed this model in California.

Headquarted near Boston, Massachusetts, Nuvera is currently seeking distributors for PowerTap hydrogen generators in North America and international markets.


Hydrogen: Fuel of our Future?

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Coming up with the September issue of gasworld magazine, an exclusive supplement dedicated to the hydrogen economy.

Titled Hydrogen: Fuel of our Future?, the supplement will include features on:

  • Hydrogen in automotive
  • Hydrogen from biogas
  • Hydrogen and alternative fuels, and much more
  • An interview with Air Products’ Diane Raine

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