Capable of measuring up to 450°C, Burnaby, B.C.-based Photon Control Inc. has launched a new high temperature converter to the FluoTemp optical sensor product line.

The new FluoTemp GT-HT temperature converter combines high accuracy, reliability and enhanced diagnostics even when exposed to high temperature and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) environments.

In fact, as Photon Controls explains, the FluoTemp GT-HT has class leading measurement performance ranging from -80°C to +450°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.05°C.

The FluoTemp GT-HT features a robust aluminum enclosure that is designed specifically for high EMI applications in a wide range of industries such as semiconductor, power and life sciences, where precision and accuracy are critical. It also boasts a long-lasting LED light source designed to enable uninterrupted operation for extended durations.

Enhanced diagnostics feature a probe and light source health monitoring function via RS-485 or RS-232 port, helping to reduce or eliminate costly unscheduled system downtime.

The FluoTemp GT-HT has an operating range of -20°C to +60°C and is compatible with a wide variety of Photon Control optical sensor temperature probes, with measurement ranges of -80°C to +450°C that include various core sizes and lengths.