Qinous, a Berlin-based start-up company, is introducing a new energy storage system to the market in order to supply off grid regions with cost-efficient energy.

The ‘plug & play’ concept allows the saving of energy costs and CO2 emissions while using renewable energy sources.

For the first time, Qinous will introduce its innovative storage system at the ‘Energy Storage’ conference which takes place in Düsseldorf next week, from 25th to 27th March 2014.

The start-up is being financed by VC fonds technology Berlin that is managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.

The system developed by Qinous makes it possible to provide up to 100% renewable energy to autonomous electricity consumers, among them remote villages, islands or single consumers such as hotels, factories and hospitals.

The compact ‘plug & play’ solution is easy to install and can be integrated into existing island grids. In comparison to renewable energy solutions that are already on the market for island grids the Qinous system significantly reduces the planning, installation and commissioning costs.


Energy storage, though of a different nature, is currently in the spotlight as progress continues in the field of liquid air.

A grid and transport energy storage technology that could play a critical role in Britain’s low carbon energy future, liquid air is the product of taking air and cooling it to around -196ºC using standard industrial equipment – creating a liquid that can be stored in an unpressurised vessel and later regasified when power is required to drive a piston engine or turbine.

Liquid air can be used to capture ‘wrong time’ energy such as excess renewable energy produced at night when there is too little demand, and store it to provide peak time electricity on demand and/or low carbon transport fuel; energy storage is the key to harnessing intermittent renewables in transport or on the grid so as to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.