Predictive Solutions, has launched an interactive blog entitled, ‘SafetyCary’, authored by Cary Usrey, Implementation Manager.

“SafetyCary will serve as an excellent resource for those with safety-related duties, such as EH&S professionals, and even those who are simply looking to learn more about increasing safety in their workplace,” said blog author, Cary.

“As data is the cornerstone to all effective safety programs, I’m looking forward to sharing information regarding the use of leading indicators to keep people safer.”

The ‘SafetyCary’ blog aims to share best practices related to keeping people safer in their workplaces, particularly through the use of leading indicators, or predictors of future safety performance.

In addition to posting engaging topics relevant to Predictive Solutions’ vision of eliminating death on the job in this century, visitors can ask Cary nearly any question pertaining to the use of leading indicators to predict and prevent workplace injuries.

Many of the responses will be posted to the blog, which visitors can comment on and discuss.

After starting his career in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, Cary spent more than 16 years in various EH&S roles at a power plant and for a large national construction company before joining Predictive Solutions in 2007.