Cambridge Sensotec has launched its new generation of Rapidox Multigas analysers, designed and manufactured for the analysis, control and monitoring of emission or process gas.

The product is the first 19” rack mountable gas analyser to be developed by the company.

Features include touchscreen control and fully configurable gas sensors.

The Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser (pictured below) was developed in response to customer demand for a modular gas analysis instrument, and is capable of measuring a wide range of gases.

Cambridge Sensotec notes that applications for the instrument span a varied selection of industries, including emissions monitoring, water treatment processes, medical research, environmental monitoring, R&D, semiconductor manufacturing, metal heat treatment, and gas handling and production.

Up to six gases can be analysed by the Rapidox 7100 through the incorporation of a range of gas sensor technologies such as infrared, long-life electrochemical, thermal conductivity and ceramic tile. The sensors are specifically designed and calibrated to avoid any cross interference effects with background process gases where possible, whilst safety is ensured by the inclusion of flash back arrestors where required.