Recogising the changing dynamics of the microelectronics industry in Southeast Asia, SEMI has announced that it is to expand the scope of its industry-leading SEMICON regional exposition with the launch of SEMICON Southeast Asia.

Building on the 20-year history of SEMICON Singapore, the expanded event will have its inaugural event in Penang, Malaysia in 2015.

Following its launch in Malaysia, the regional exposition will rotate between Singapore, Malaysia and other areas in the region.

“While Singapore continues to serve as the hub of the microelectronics industry in Southeast Asia, SEMI recognises the growth and importance of the industry across the region requires a new vision for serving our members and other customers where they do business,” said Kai Fai Ng, President of SEMI Southeast Asia.

“Through the rotation of SEMICON Southeast Asia between Singapore, Malaysia, and the region, we will open new business opportunities for our customers and foster stronger pan-regional engagement in our programmes and other events serving the industry. On alternating years, we will continue to support the host regions through high-level executive conferences in Singapore and Malaysia.”

The new SEMICON Southeast Asia will continue to focus on the key trends and technologies in semiconductor design and manufacturing, adding emphasis in serving the needs of expanding applications markets in areas including mobile devices and other connected ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technologies – many of which require the development of specialised materials, packaging, and test technologies, as well as new architectures and processes.

SEMI will continue to maintain its regional headquarters in Singapore.

Key trends

According to the SEMI World Fab Forecast, Southeast Asia is among the top four regions in terms of growth rate for capacity. In 2014, approximately $800m of front end fab spending will occur in Southeast Asia.

Technology research and advisory firm Gartner pegs the Southeast Asia microelectronics manufacturing market at accounting for more than 27% of the world’s assembly, packaging, and test production. Malaysia alone represents over 10% of the global square footage, followed closely by the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.


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