Sherwood Valve, LLC has developed a new medical cylinder valve for use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) environments, specifically for high capacity aluminium cylinders.

The medical valve design uses many features from its current flagship Global Valve (GV) product line adapted to MRI environments. Sherwood’s new GV-MRI Series Valves are marked with the standard ‘MR-Conditional’ symbol to identify that it is certified MRI-Safe.

The GV-MRI valve meets the ASTM F2213 requirement for a 3-Tesla magnetic resonance (MR) environment. The GV-MRI special construction utilises materials that reduce the magnetic attraction of valve when installed on an aluminium cylinder. This provides peace of mind for hospital personnel and patients who, as a result, are able to maintain their accessibility to medical gases where access to medical oxygen is limited.

All GV-MRI valves are certified oxygen clean and available in straight thread inlets for aluminium cylinders.

“Sherwood’s new GV-MRI valve series meets unique requirements for the medical market and is just one example of how Sherwood Valve is listening to customers and designing custom products to meet specific market needs,” said Dino Sciullo, Vice-President, Marketing.

Sherwood’s GV-MRI Series is part of its Global Valve line, world-renowned for quality and reliability.


Interview online

Find out why its why it’s something of a ‘new year, new start’ at Sherwood Valve in an exclusive interview with CEO Ron Auletta.

Auletta tells gasworld why realignment and a renewed focus on the customer are driving the company forward.

The launch of its new medical cylinder valve perhaps exemplifies this re-engagement. Auletta told gasworld in January, “New product development has also been streamlined as a result. Expect to see new products from Sherwood like you’ve not seen in the past. All of this is to make sure we are taking care of our customers. This is what differentiates us now.”

Read the full interview online ( or in the January 2014 issue of gasworld magazine.