Sierra Instruments, a leading global mass flow instrument manufacturer, has released a new flare gas measurement white paper, available now for free download.

Sierra’s new white paper offers oil & gas company decision makers, facilities managers, and engineers a new cost-effective flare gas mass flow metering alternative to comply with increasingly stringent government regulations.  

The white paper includes: details on how to choose the best flow meter solution for different flare gas measurement challenges; a comparative review for each type of flow meter technology; information on how innovation in flow measurement technology leads to more precise results; and a cost of ownership study.

“I wrote this white paper to share with oil & gas companies mass flow meter innovation that rivals the traditional and expensive methods. The new QuadraTherm mass flow meter has a coriolis level of accuracy and can accurately adjust for the changing flare gas composition—without sending the meter back to the factory for recalibration,” said Matthew Olin, President and CEO of Sierra Instruments.