Skaff Cryogenics, Inc. (SCI) of Brentwood, NH has reached an agreement with FNF Gas Technology Products Pvt. Ltd. (FNF) of Vadodara, India to be the exclusive supplier of FNF’s cryogenic products in the US.

As part of the agreement, FNF will deliver semi-finished cryogenic tanks to SCI’s facility in NH, where SCI will perform all of the finishing work, including blasting, painting and plumbing.

This agreement provides SCI with an opportunity to source high quality tanks to distribute to the company’s extensive list of customers in the gas containment industry. The agreement also provides FNF with a strong distribution partner in the US to sell its products manufactured in India.

The two companies will be able to leverage each other’s expertise and, according to a press release, offer customers safe, reliable, and technically superior cryogenic tanks at attractive prices.

“This first delivery to SCI is proof of our hard work and a good sign for future success with our new partner, Skaff Cryogenics”

Jack Finn, President and CEO of FIBA

The distribution agreement is for three years and it is hoped that together, the two companies will be effective in growing their businesses in the US.

Founded in 1978, SCI is a leading re-manufacturer of cryogenic tanks and trailers and now will be able to provide new, high-quality cryogenic tanks to the US market. SCI offers flexible purchasing options, including leasing, to its customers.

FNF was formed in 2011, and is a joint venture between FIBA Technologies, Inc. (FIBA) and New Field Industrial Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (New Field).

After years of manufacturing a large range of pressure vessels in the US, from low pressure cryogenic tanks to high pressure tube skids and trailers, FIBA partnered with New Field to restore focus on its cryogenic product line. The two companies formed a joint venture to manufacture horizontal and vertical stationary cryogenic tanks in India. Manufacturing commenced in the fall of 2011 and the company produced and delivered its first shipment of cryogenic tanks to Skaff Cryogenics in January 2012.

Jack Finn, FIBA’s president and CEO and director at FNF, said of the agreement and the first delivery between the two parties, “We have worked long and hard with our partners at FNF to develop a first-class product that is consistent with the quality achieved at our factories in the US.”

“This first delivery to SCI is proof of our hard work and a good sign for future success with our new partner, Skaff Cryogenics.”