Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd (StG) has announced that the company is now the exclusive distributor of GENTEC equipment in the UK.

StG signed the deal with Genstar Technologies last year (2011) to supply a full range of High Pressure gas equipment, including regulators, gas panels, outlet points and change-over units.

The product range is broad enough to offer a solution to meet not only the regulator market, but also for the more complex gas management systems required by speciality gas customers – and the more complex installations required by specialist installer companies.

Chris Street, Managing Director and CEO of StG said “I am very happy to be working with Gentec on providing their products in the UK. This agreement vastly extends StG’s range of equipment and means StG can offer its customers high quality products at competitive prices.”

“As well as our exclusive distributorship in the UK we can also offer these products to overseas customers.”

The GENTEC equipment range is manufactured by Genstar Technologies Company Inc, a US-based corporation providing products such as pressure regulators, fittings, valves, welding apparatus and various gas control and handling devices.

All GENTEC products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility by an experienced and dedicated workforce, using exquisite craftsmanship in conjunction with computerised automation, stringent quality control, and advanced test equipment.

Simon Fisher, European Sales Manager for GENTEC, said of the deal, “With the experience of StG and the quality of the GENTEC range, I believe that together we can offer the customer a top quality product to meet the demands of the specialist gas industry today.”

“StG will be holding a range of equipment on the shelf and be in a strong position to offer a next day service to meet the customer’s needs, not only in as short a lead time as possible but also at competitive prices.”



StG has customers in over 50 countries and can ship goods to locations all over the world.

For more information about the new GENTEC range:

+44 1782 566 897 (Sales)