Major German industrial gas producer Westfalen AG has been celebrating recently after achieving a milestone in operational safety.

A total of five sites run by the industrial gas company from Munster have received an award for safe operation with an overall total of 2.625 million work hours without loss by accident recorded.

In Münster-Gremmendorf, where the company produces acetylene and refrigerants that are liquefied and packaged in bottles, among other things, there were half a million work hours recorded without any accidental failures.

Gerhard Schlueter, Technical Director of Westfalen AG, enthused in a statement, “For nearly 10 years, we are here without a work accident.”

“A lot of forklift operations, millions of processed gas cylinders – for these to remain accident-free, this is a great achievement of all the employees involved. This is also very important as a company.”

In addition to the Münster-Gremmendorf operation, there were also the locations in Hörstel and Worms where each recorded half a million working hours without accidental failures.