WITT-Gasetechnik has created a complete pressure regulating station for acetylene with an impressive 150 m³/h flow rate in the form of its new 150NA product.

Stating high supply certainty as a highlight of the product, the automatic switchover between connected gas sources ensures a constant gas supply. An intelligent – and cost-efficient – process control helps to empty connected cylinder bundles to the maximum extent possible.

The ‘Gas Control 50’ control unit made by WITT forms the electronic heart of the system, indicating the filling level of the containers via a colour graphic display. The limit values of the switchover can be set freely at the touchscreen control. Upon reaching the limit value, users are assisted via an alarm system alerting them to the need for an intervention.

Connections for external signal generators are also available, WITT says. If the acetylene pressure typically recovers after some time, users can switch over to this gas source again in order to remove the residual volume before the bundle is finally replaced; this means the system can utilise the container, emptying it to the maximum.

Product Manager Andreas Heyer sums up the advantages of the new WITT pressure regulating station, “The 150NA offers a high degree of safety with operating convenience and is especially suitable for applications with large acetylene consumption and high requirements regarding a fail-safe gas supply.”

“Pressure transmitters monitor the filling level of the connected cylinder batteries or trailers. If a gas cylinder empties, the system switches to the full one without interruption.”


Source: WITT

The automatic opening and closure during the switchover occurs smoothly via motor-powered stopcock instead of simple solenoid valves, described by Heyer as, “A gentle solution to avoid the otherwise abrupt pressure peaks.” This ensures a constant working pressure and spares the downstream pressure controller. The system shuts down automatically in the event of a fault. On request, the pressure control station can continue to be used in manual operation, thereby maintaining the gas supply.

The 150NA keeps the outlet pressure ‘extremely stable’ for the working process, even during intense fluctuations in the inlet pressure and flow rate. According to WITT, the manifold pressure regulator of the type ADR150 is the world’s most powerful dome pressure regulator of its kind, integrated into the 150NA as a subsystem for pressure reduction, including relief valve, control pressure regulator and pressure gauges.