In a world first, Worthington Industries, Inc. has announced a reduction in weight to its market-leading lightweight steel cylinder for industrial gases.

The new model is now 5-30% lighter than current models in the market, depending on the applicable standard or specification. This weight reduction provides reduced transportation cost and easier handling, while maintaining the highest safety requirements.

While Worthington claims that its steel high pressure cylinder has ‘long-been recognised as the lightest steel cylinder in the world’, a billet-based production process, unique tooling and engineering expertise allow for this new cylinder design that further reduces cylinder weight.

Weight reductions include:

  • 50 litre, 200 bar ISO 9809-2 cylinder weight reduced 5% (46.5kg to 44.0kg)
  • 50 litre 300 bar ISO 9809-2 cylinder weight reduced 3% (64.0kg to 62.0kg)

The cylinders maintain the specifications EN 1964/1, EN 1964/2, ISO 4705, IS7285, DOT 3AA, TC 3AAM, BS 5045, ISO 9809/1, ISO 9809/2, and ISO 9809/3.

Available in July, the new model will be Worthington’s new standard steel high pressure cylinder and available to all customers.