After its existing acetylene cylinder massing plant was destroyed by fire in August (2013), Worthington Industries has announced the construction of a new massing plant in Kienberg, Austria.

The plant will be located along with Worthington’s cylinder manufacture facility in Kienberg and production is anticipated to resume in second quarter 2014.

A statement to customers confirmed, “We are pleased to confirm that Worthington is rebuilding a new plant for the production of asbestos-free porous mass acetylene cylinders and we look forward to again servicing our international acetylene cylinder markets soon.”

“We are proud of the quality reputation our acetylene cylinders have earned over decades and expect the new plant will additionally improve our capabilities and quality.”

The acetylene product line is an important component of Worthington’s global industrial gas offering, which includes steel high pressure and acetylene cylinders manufactured in its Austrian facility, aluminium high pressure tanks manufactured in Mississippi (US) and a new liquid cryogenic cylinder line manufactured in Ohio (US), which launches in early 2014.