nexAir has launched a new campaign called KnowHow to promote its customers’ success stories via social media.

The Memphis-based distributor, one of the largest distributors of atmospheric gases and welding supplies in the US, claims the new campaign “frames the collective applied knowledge of the nexAir organisation into a proactive differentiated promise to its customers”.

nexAir President Bill Proctor said, “This message will represent the engine for what makes our customers achieve, accelerate and grow their businesses. This is our why and it will change how we talk about nexAir and what we deliver.”

The KnowHow videos will showcase how nexAir, which celebrates its 80thanniversary next year, has enabled their customers’ success.

Maria Ricci, Marketing Manager for nexAir, said, “nexAir KnowHow is really a discovery of how we have been doing business this entire time. We are simply emphasising our greatest asset which is our ability to offer creative solutions to our customers’ needs which can change the way they work.”

“We are utilising social media to promote our customers and the amazing things they are doing. We aren’t selling nexAir or pushing who we are. We are telling impactful stories about who are customers are and what they do, and that is what people want to hear about… authentic stories that are unique, interesting and relatable,” added Ricci.

nexAir CEO Kevin McEniry said of the new campaign, “Our customers have always been the focus of what we do every day. nexAir KnowHow allows us to act on the promise we make to our customers through our mission statement – serve selflessly and assist eagerly to create customers for life.”

The Unlisted video can be found here