Russian industrial gas-separation products manufacturer, Grasys, has presented its latest pieces of next generation equipment, in the form of a mobile nitrogen compressor station and an oxygen station.

Grasys' new MVA-7/350 mobile nitrogen station is the first Russian-made product of its kind and represents a self-contained truck-mounted unit with one of its key features being the gas separation unit designed on the basis of the hollow-fibre membrane technology. This is thought to be largely responsible for the products reliability and longevity.

The improved AKS-30-150 oxygen station is designed for oxygen production at 30m3/h, which is equivalent to 120 standard oxygen cylinders per day, while the station capacity is optimal for remote facilities by gas-flame works such as metals, welding, cutting and brazing.

The station is ideal for repair and construction sites at remote facilities where gaseous oxygen is required, as the high production capacity of the station helps to promptly make up for oxygen deficiency and move the station to another facility.

Grasys supply scope accounts for more than 80 percent of all membrane nitrogen systems in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and base their industrial gas production and separation plants on the hollow-fibre membrane and absorption technologies.