R&D and gases innovation – Are we investing enough?

Nigel Lewis, Consultant, Spiritus Group

Nigel Lewis has 25 years experience in employment with BOC and Linde. Previous roles include the positions of M&A Director at BOC and Head of Product Management - merchant gases at The Linde Group.

In recent years Lewis has used his expertise in the industrial gas consulting sector with the Spriritus Group. He will be discussing the R&D trends for major industrial gases companies, looking at the overall spending in relation to overall sales.

This presentation will also examine how much is being spent and how R&D focus has moved from the development of applications to energy-related programmes, as well as likely future trends.


Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2015

Day 2, Session 3 - New Markets and Opportunities

10:00 - R&D and Gases innovation – Are we investing enough