Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group (CE&IG), LEWA GmbH and LEWA Nikkiso-America have joined forces to help fight Covid-19, from vaccine storage solutions to the delivery of air separation units (ASUs) for medical oxygen.

The companies today (4th Feb) announced the collaboration, confirming that its fight continues with the development of its Oxygen PSA concentrator, its latest technology that will provide high flow oxygen therapy via nasal cannula at 60L/min.

Working closely with customers on pump selection and system operations, LEWA Nikkiso-America has supplied systems, metering and process pumps critical to the production of PPE equipment and supplies.

In the CE&IG group, Nikkiso Cryoquip’s chiller unit is being used to control the storage and processing temperature of newly developed vaccines.

Focused on the rapid supply or replacement of pumps and vaporisers essential to the medical oxygen supply chain, Nikkiso ACD and Cryoquip is manufacturing and providing an available stock of pumps.

Nikkiso Cosmodyne is also playing its part by designing and delivering ASUs, crucial for the production of medical oxygen.

“We are so proud of the technology and teamwork provided by our global companies,” said Peter Wagner, CEO of Cryogenic Industries and President of the Group.

“Their commitment and efforts have enabled us to consistently deliver the crucial pumps, vaporizers and process systems needed to fight the pandemic.”

“All LEWA-Nikkiso Employees should be proud that we were able to work as one Company across the globe to provide specialized LEWA pumps for the manufacture of PPE products and goods needed to protect people against the Covid-19 virus,” Peter Castellanos, President & Managing Director of LEWA-Nikkiso America, added.

“We should also take pride in our small but significant contributions to helping the world overcome this difficult virus.”