Nikkiso Cosmodyne has recently commissioned its TGNO-1000 gaseous oxygen and nitrogen plant.

Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group, a subsidiary of Japan-based Nikkiso Co., Ltd, has confirmed the new plant targets float glass manufacturing and was sold to an industrial gases company.

The Nikkiso Cosmodyne TGNO is a cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generator designed to produce three gaseous product streams: medium and high-pressure nitrogen gas and oxygen gas, according to Nikkiso. The high-pressure nitrogen comes directly off the nitrogen column at approximately 8.5 bar(g). The medium pressure nitrogen stream comes from the oxygen column overhead and is boosted by a waste stream expander to approximately 2.3 bar(g). The gaseous oxygen comes directly off the oxygen column which runs at an elevated pressure of 2.3 bar(g). All this is accomplished at a low specific power of 0.27 KW/Nm3.”

Nikkiso explained in a statement, “The TGNO-1000 was configured with mostly pre-existing components to meet the developmental needs of this multi-product plant. This allowed them to meet the stringent goals of their industrial gas customer, who is selling the molecules to the float glass customer. The plant also operates without an attendant, so can handle fluctuations in product demand without human intervention.”

California-based Nikkiso Cosmodyne is a provider of cryogenic process plants including industrial gas plants and natural gas liquefiers.

“This is Cosmodyne’s most recent effort to supply cryogenic systems and plants which allows our industrial gas customers to develop their market and compete effectively,” said George Pappagelis, President of Cosmodyne Process Systems. “The TGNO-1000 was a collaborative effort among our operations in the US (Escondido, Seal Beach and Temecula) and India.”