A Nikkiso Co., Ltd (Nikkiso) group company has supplied its pump technology to support rocket launches for the space industry.

For over 40 years, Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group (Group) has provided uninterrupted operating systems for the space and launch industry, including its HD SLS reciprocating high pressure and high flow line of pumps. 

Manufactured by the Group’s Cryogenic Pumps Unit (Nikkiso ACD), the pumps feature wide turn-down ratios, minimum cool-down time and maximised mean time between overhaul (MTBO). 

“We are very proud to play a part in the growing space industry, and to be able to provide the performance and reliability required in such important missions,” commented Daryl Lamy, President & CEO, Nikkiso ACD/Nikkiso Cryo.

With reliability considered a critical factor for a heavy-duty rocket launch, the non-stop operation of the units is essential for the space industry.