AVL Test Systems, Inc. has been awarded a contract to provide electrification and fuel cell testing equipment to Nikola Motor Company for the first phase of its fuel cell development laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona.

AVL’s testing hardware – including a heavy-duty chassis dynamometer, fuel cell system testbed, fuel cell durability testbeds, and a high-voltage battery test container – will be ran with AVL’s lab management suite.

“At AVL, we’re all about developing, clean, efficient propulsion technology,” said Kyle Kimel, President of AVL Test Systems, Inc.

“Nikola has some truly unique ideas, and it’s exciting to help bring this vision to life,” Kimel continued.

Nikola’s new facility will enable development, validation and testing of its entire fuel cell systems and vehicles. AVL’s testing hardware will allow Nikola to test components independently or as a complete powertrain system, providing flexibility and shortening the development process.

“With the pace of change in our industry, it’s no longer enough to fill a testing facility with the best equipment. Developers need to consider the big picture of the lab and understand how the system works together as a whole – this is where AVL really thrives,” said Kimel.

“In this new lab, Nikola will be able to apply these same proven methodologies and tools to the heavy-duty market,” Kimel concluded.