The Italian arm of industrial and medical gas specialist Nippon Gases has strengthened its medical device offerings following the acquisition of a majority of medical product company Noxtec Development.

The acquisition is part of a joint effort to collaborate on the technological improvement of devices used in inhaled nitric oxide therapies. 

Working alongside universities and hospitals, the partners aim to meet the needs of the nitric oxide therapy market which has seen high usage in areas such as neonatal intensive care units, paediatric and adult settings, and for the treatment of Covid-19. 

As a powerful vasodilator, nitric oxide can rapidly lower blood pressure and is linked with rapid therapy response times. 

The partnership will utilise Noxtec Development’s high-tech medical product expertise and combine it will Nippon Gases long history of producing medical gases. 

In addition to nitric oxide, the venture intends to focus on the improvement in quality of medical products and services for healthcare providers and patients.