The Nippon Gases Group and its respiratory therapies division Oximesa are firmly committed to assisting in the fight to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

In terms of sector share, Nippon Gases and Oximesa are the largest Spanish and Portuguese producer of medical oxygen, with nine production plants and pharmaceutical laboratories, both for production and for filling, distributed across the country.

The company has highlighted the essential role that medical oxygen is playing in the fight against coronavirus.

The coronavirus infection can cause symptoms similar to flu, including a cough, high temperature and shortness of breath.

For most people the symptoms are mild, but some will develop severe breathing problems and other complications.

In severe cases, coronavirus affects the patients lungs and makes them incapable of assimilating the amount of oxygen from the air required to meet the body’s needs.

The primary treatment is to provide oxygen to the body, which is done artificially through the supply of medical oxygen.

When the lungs are damaged, they require pressure to introduce the necessary amount of oxygen. That’s why respirators, CPAP machines or ventilators are needed.

Nippon Gases said it is extremely necessary to ensure the supply of not only masks or ventilators, but also of medical oxygen to hospitals, residences and individual homes.

The company is currently supplying more than 150 hospitals, 750 health centres, 1,000 small medical centres and thousands of residences with these essential items.

This dedication, made possible thanks to the constant activity of a team working 24 hours a day, also includes in-home care to more than 300,000 patients, 52,000 of which are receiving oxygen therapy.

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Source: Nippon Gases

In the liquid state, medical oxygen is supplied to major hospital complexes in large-volume cryogenic tanks. The company has more than 150 tanks, which are filled weekly by cryogenic tanker trucks.

The 24/7 supply guarantee is possible thanks to an infrastructure made up of six medical filling plants, nine liquid oxygen air separation units and over 50 medical logistic warehouses.

Nippon Gases said its priority and commitment is to meet all the needs of its patients and clients, no matter how they multiply, increasing production and distribution capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The pandemic has multiplied the medical oxygen demand in Spain, especially in the region of Madrid.

The data over the past weeks are:

- The demand for medical oxygen bottles has multiplied by four in Spain, and by seven in Madrid.

- The number of cryogenic tanker truck offloads at hospitals has doubled.

- The in-home oxygen therapy service has tripled.

- At residences and other social healthcare centres in the region of Madrid, 2,000 new oxygen therapy patients have received care.

- A number of additional installations have been provided at several hospitals around the country, alleviating the problem of saturation, installing nearly 2,000 new points of medical oxygen consumption to meet the increased demand.

The Nippon Gases Group and its respiratory therapies division (Oximesa) are firmly committed to offering all infrastructures and technical and human resources available to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

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Source: Nippon Gases