The Norwegian group company of major industrial gas manufacturer Nippon Gases has signed a deal with one of Norway’s leading fish farming companies, SalMar, to deliver oxygen to the company’s new hatchery plant.

The long-term agreement will see Nippon Gases Norway supplying oxygen generated at its air separation unit (ASU) in central Norway to SalMar’s nearby fish hatchery. 

Having started production of industrial gases at its central Norway site in March of last year (2021), Nippon Gases will also supply surplus heat produced from the ASU to the hatchery. 

The Nippon Gases Norway site

The Nippon Gases Norway site

Stating that the deal fits with SalMar’s ambition to create ‘the world’s most modern hatchery’ with regards to cleaning technology and a circular economy, Karl Christian Aag, Manager, SalMar Settefisk, added, “We will use the surplus heat from Nippon Gases to create the best growing conditions for 23 million smolts a year.” 

Upon the start of its operations in June 2023, the hatchery will produce a ‘very large’ quantity of smolt - a young salmon or sea trout - eight times a year. 

Due to the constant recycling of the water, oxygen – provided by Nippon Gases - needs to be replenished to avoid levels becoming too low for the fry to thrive, in addition to providing enough oxygen to the eggs and smolt. 

Considering the close proximity of the facilities at Malm Industrial Park, the oxygen will be piped from Nippon Gases’ plant directly to Salmar, helping reduce unnecessary transport emissions and promote sustainable solutions.