Japanese industrial gas company Nippon Gases has issued updates on its operations in Italy, Spain and Scandinavia amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Rivoira, Nippon Gases’ Italian entity, said its plants were “proceeding regularly” throughout Italy and that the company has adopted the following prevention procedures to slow the spread of coronavirus:

  • Activation of a Crisis Committee – In charge of coordinating and implementing all activities necessary to ensure the immediate adoption of every preventation and protection measure to protect both its employees as well as suppliers and third parties
  • Implementation of a procedure for the self-control of the state of health, by its employees, who are required to comply with the prescriptions issued by the institutional bodies and to immediately report to the company any prescriptions imparted by them
  • Verifying that the personnel used by Rivoria in carrying out each activity have not been given self-quarantine measures by the competent bodies, also in relation to the origin from epidemiological risk areas as identified by WHO
  • Issuing instructions to all staff to ensure compliance by the same with all the rules, regulations and provisions of the competent authorities issued on the epidemic by coronavirus.

Rivoira continues to closely monitor the situation and is in constant contact with the relevant authorities.

The company said it will implement any further preventative measures should it need to.


Nippon Gases Healthcare and its company specialised in home respiratory therapies, Oximesa Nippon Gases, has activated a series of contingency plans.

The company said its main priority is to maintain the activity in all the pharmaceutical laboratories for the production and filling of medicinal gases with the aim of being able to carry out its activity ensuring demand and supply for all products.

Among the measures implemented by Oximesa are:

  • Activation of a team to coordinate and implement decisions aimed at guaranteeing the immediate adoption of all prevention and protection measures for employees, external collaborators and supplier companies.
  • Implementation of temporary measures that help reduce the risk of infection and spread of the disease, such as the use of digital technology to telework in those positions in the company that are possible.
  • For employees who must go to the company’s facilities or make home or hospital visits, individual protection measures have been extreme, as well as cleaning and hygiene measures. Likewise, in the centres where it is possible, other actions have been established to improve employee safety, such as flexibility to enter the centres to avoid busy hours on public transport.
  • Implementation of a policy of restriction of business trips, external meetings, as well as visits outside the company’s facilities.
  • Communication through corporate means of access for all employees, to publicise all the measures, actions and regulations to be applied, guaranteeing the immediacy of communication of information related to coronavirus.


At present, Nippon Gases said its operations in Scandinavia are unaffected and deliveries are running as normal.

The company said it is regularly following information from the public health authority and has introduced the recommended safeguards.

“Nippon Gases takes the situation very seriously and has therefore introduced additional measures to prevent infection and spread among employees, partners, subcontractors and of course our customers,” the company said in a statement.

“We try to contribute in the best possible way to assist the community in this challenging moment by, among other things, stricter hygiene rules and travel restrictions applicable to all our facilities and our staff.”