Nippon Sanso Holdings Group (NSHD), formerly known as TNSC, has just issued its Integrated Report 2021, outlining the company’s current financial and structural progress.

The interim report covers everything from the characteristics and aspirations of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group to its business structure, strategy and value creation.

It also provides key metrics on the NSHD’s current financial position and its future sustainability directives.

A key aspect of the new report is that the 2021 edition focuses on change at the company, including the transition to a holding company structure in October 2020 and the start of a new management structure in June 2021.

As of 1st October (2020), TNSC transferred to a holding company system. Nippon Sanso Holdings became the parent company to the TNSC Japan industrial gas business, the US Matheson Tri-Gas Group, the European Nippon Gases Europe, the Asia/Oceania Regional Group and Thermos Business Group.

With this new holding company, the group took a further step forward in its strategic direction of boosting synergies and strengthening a global brand that responds to the needs of its employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

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One year on, and the evidence of this in-progress is already being seen, as outlined in the new Integrated Report. Indeed, this is a point reflected on by President and CEO Toshihiko Hamada, in his letter to accompany the report.

“We are pleased to announce the release of our Integrated Report 2021, which provides many of the changes and activities that have taken place in our Group since the conversion to a holding company structure in October last year,” he reflected.

Toshihiko Hamad

Source: NSHD

Toshihiko Hamada, CEO of Nippon Sanso Holdings Group (NSHD)

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your guidance and encouragement, and for your patronage over the years. As ‘The Gas Professionals’, we will continue to pursue new value-added gas technologies with an entrepreneurial spirit to earn the trust of our customers and realise a more prosperous society.”

“We have created the report to convey the business of the NIPPON SANSO Holdings Group, the people who work here, and the values that we hold dear.”

Philosophy and vision

Since its new structure was implemented 12 months ago, the NSHD philosophy has been, ‘Proactive. Innovative. Collaborative. Making life better through gas technology. The Gas Professionals.’

In addition, its vision is described as, “We aim to create social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Both this philosophy and vision combine innovative collaboration with social and human commitment, placing the group’s gas solutions at the service of a more sustainable future.

gasworld understands this is one of the key aspirations or areas of growth for the group, both in terms of business and human growth, and this has been reflected in recent months at the group’s European branch – Nippon Gases Europe – in particular, via its 2021 sustainability report and a new gold medal award for sustainability.

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Its sustainability report for the fiscal year ending March 2021 outlines the impact that the company and its solutions have on the environment and in the communities where they operate. This includes following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The report was compiled in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and completed and published in July.

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In it, Nippon Gases Europe President Eduardo Gil Elejoste described Europe’s Green Deal and the 2030/2050 agenda of the European Union (EU) as representing the biggest challenge and opportunity Nippon Gases Europe faces in the years ahead.

It is also an ‘especially exciting’ development for Europe and will ‘change many industries forever’ he said.

In his Message from the President foreword to the company’s new sustainability report, Elejoste emphasised, “…the biggest challenge and opportunity we, as a company, are facing, and this is especially exciting in Europe, is all that has to do with the Green Deal and the 2030/2050 agenda of the European Union.”

“The Green Deal will mean that extraordinary amounts of funds are being made available in a relatively short period of time. The Green Deal is ultimately going to change many industries forever…Nippon Gases is perfectly positioned to provide solutions for the challenges ahead, so that we see the Green Deal as a major opportunity compared to its potential threats.”