On Site Gas Systems Australia will demonstrate its on-site nitrogen and oxygen gas generators for various applications ‘Down Under’, as the company exhibits at National Manufacturing Week in May.

The company, sole Australian agents for oxygen and nitrogen generators manufactured by On Site Gas Systems Inc USA, will display a selection of its comprehensive range during the Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 12th – 15th May.

The generators can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications, from electronics manufacturing to tank blanketing and inerting, as well as for laser cutting and food & beverage packaging.

Standard features of the systems include integrated touch-screen control panels, housing system controls, critical system indicators, maintenance schedules with alarms, and an in-built product gas analyser for real time monitoring of the purity of the gas stream.

Nitrogen systems are available in purities from 95% to 99.9995% with pressures up to 300 bar accommodated. Systems can also be fitted with On Site’s patented Purity Exchange Valve, which allows users to generate up to three different purities from the one system.

On Site Gas Systems Australia is the sole Australian agent for oxygen and nitrogen generators manufactured by On Site Gas Systems Inc USA. As the latter’s name suggests, On Site Gas in the US designs and builds gas-generating (oxygen and nitrogen) systems that function on-site at a customer’s physical plant.

The company’s systems are used in a number of different applications, across dozens of industries, and in over 70 countries. Only last year On Site Gas Systems’ global reach extended into outer space as its services were chosen by NASA, to design and develop a 99% purity PSA oxygen generating system.

Intended for use at the International Space Station, the system will be used to purge the astronaut’s space suit after each space walk.