The German name Zeiss has long been synonymous with high quality photography and optical devices. Indeed, the manufacturer has enjoyed more than 150 years of industry expertise.

With this in mind, it is fitting that one Deutsch leader, looks to a sibling sector leader in order to maintain its highest of standards. Messer GmbH has been proving the wide applicability of industrial gases, and in particular nitrogen, for over a year with its Zeiss partnership.

Since last year, Carl Zeiss SportsOptics GmbH has been using over one million cubic metres of nitrogen annually, to clean its high quality eyepieces in binoculars. Moreover, it is also used internally in binoculars to prevent misting as a result of moisture. Nitrogen is so well suited, and preferable over conventional compressed air, thanks to its high purity and complete dryness.

In order to facilitate this growing niche need, Messer has installed a twelve metre tall nitrogen tank at the optical specialist’s Hesse plant: A visible landmark to the relevance of gaseous nitrogen.