The use of high purity nitrogen in the automotive arena is set to filter down from the racing world to public production cars when the sporty 2009 Nissan GT-R makes its US debut in June, with every car arriving in the country with nitrogen-filled tyres.

Each American-market vehicle comes equipped with Bridgestone RE070R high performance run-flat summer tyres, Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST run-flat summer tyres or Dunlop SP Sport 7010 A/S DSST run-flat all-season tyres, all exclusively developed for Nissan and the GT-R, which was first released in Japan in 2007.

The automaker says no Nissan dealership will be certified to sell a GT-R unless it can provide access to nitrogen, in order to maintain the tyres’ top factory-issue condition.

Nissan has selected the PurigeN98 high-purity nitrogen tyre inflation system as a recommended accompanying product and PurigeN98 President Robin Pearl commented on the increase in use of nitrogen, “Nitrogen is emerging as the latest consumer trend in the auto industry - especially for high-performance vehicles.”

“Nitrogen-filled tyres help maintain proper tyre pressure on all cars, which, in turn, helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce tyre wear. And, because nitrogen molecules are more stable than those of oxygen and contain no moisture, the gas doesn’t degrade the rubber or steel belts or leak through the walls of tyres as quickly. As a result, drivers can realise significant savings on both fuel and tyre replacement costs,” Pearl added.

With the stipulation that no Nissan dealership can sell a GT-R unless it provides access to nitrogen in mind, the company has selected the PurigeN98 high-purity nitrogen tyre inflation system from N2Revolution Inc. as its ‘recommended and approved service equipment’.

PurigeN98’s Pearl noted that the company’s line of equipment is guaranteed to deliver a minimum of 98% pure nitrogen, the same sort of high-purity gas used by NASCAR and IndyCar Series drivers in their tyres when racing.

He said, “We are extremely pleased that our system was selected to participate in Nissan’s Tech-Mate program as an authorised tool and equipment vendor for all its vehicles, including the new GT-R.”

High purity nitrogen has been endorsed by four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jeff Gordon, who uses it in his personal cars, while both the Mario Andretti Racing School and Jeff Gordon Racing School have entered into exclusive agreements with N2Revolution to use PurigeN98 in the tyres of their race cars.