Air Products has indicated it believes that recent political talk in the US about tyre pressure serves as an important reminder to motorists, about the fuel saving benefits of properly inflated tyres and potentially the role of nitrogen in this area.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) apparently estimates that as much as 1.2 billion gallons of fuel are wasted in the US each year, due to under-inflated tyres.

Nitrogen inflated tyres are known to maintain pressure up to three times longer than their compressed air-filled counterparts, enabling motorists to realise the fuel saving benefits of proper tyre inflation for a greater period of time.

“Nitrogen is a superior material for tyre inflation because it diffuses through tyre rubber about 40% more slowly than air, helping the tyre maintain proper pressure longer,” explained Ashok Mathur, Business Manager at Air Products - which makes the UltraFill® High-Purity Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System.

Nitrogen has been used to inflate tyres in high performance applications such as motor racing for more than 20 years and gasworld explores this utilisation further in its upcoming Focus Feature, Gases in the fast lane.

The feature will discuss the role of nitrogen in the automotive arena and how such a trend has filtered down into an increasingly commercially viable application for everyday vehicles in the public domain.

Coincidentally, Air Products is extolling the virtues of this at present too and Mathur added, “If your tyre is under-inflated by just 20%, you can lose up to three miles per gallon. Those miles add up quickly and cost Americans a great deal of wasted fuel and unnecessary expense.”