As part of the contract entered into with Vankorneft JSC, a subsidiary of NK Rosneft JSC, Grasys has commenced the development and manufacture of a nitrogen adsorption plant designated for the Vankorskoye field.

Previously, neither Russia nor the CIS saw the equipment in this class, which represents one of the world's largest nitrogen adsorption plants with the capacity exceeding 6,600 nm³ per hour at 99% purity and 2,000 nm³ per hour at 99.98% purity.

As agreed with the customer, the nitrogen adsorption plant will consist of 2 parallel lines to produce nitrogen with two different purity levels, will be very simple in operation and due to its complete automation, will only require desultory monitoring.

Within the project framework, Grasys will also supply to Vankorneft JSC a nitrogen membrane plant with the capacity of 300 nm³ per hour of 99% gaseous nitrogen.

Focused on strengthening its presence in the international market, Grasys is currently one of the largest and most reputable companies in the gas separation area, and ranks among the leading global producers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen generation, hydrogen concentration, gas mix control.