Grasys has supplied a membrane nitrogen plant for LLC Liboil, with the nitrogen to be delivered designated for tanks purging from solvent vapours at the company’s Lipetsk-based plant.

LLC Liboil specialises in the production of rape oil used across a variety of industries, as one of the basic components in the production of the environmentally safe fuel of the 21st century - biofuel.

Combining operation simplicity with exceptional compactness, the plant allows production of 100 nm³ per hour of 99% nitrogen. The plant technical characteristics were optimally selected to match the customer process requirements.

The nitrogen plant supplied for Liboil operates in a fully automatic mode, with automated support and monitoring of working parameters, requiring no manned control. Traditionally, Grasys plants are manufactured with the use of the most advanced engineering solutions ensuring long-term fail-safe equipment operation.

Reinforcing its presence in the international market, Grasys is currently one of the largest and most reputable companies in the field of gas separation. The firm is also one of the world leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen production, hydrogen concentration, and gas mix control.