Luxfer Gas Cylinders has invested in efficiency with its latest upgrade on offer – replacing 20 conventional steel cylinders six-packs.

Instead, at its Riverside manufacturing facility, two Luxfer-GTM Technologies GTM1350 gas transport modules have been installed. The modules store nitrogen for pneumatic testing and purging applications.

“The GTM1350 is a self-contained unit that holds as much gas as 23 six-packs,” said Mike Mensel, vice president of manufacturing at Luxfer Gas Cylinders - with each steel six-pack weighing in at about 1,600 pounds.

“Six-packs require some type of lifting device to move them on and off delivery trucks. The GTM1350 only requires a truck with a hitch and can be rolled into place with ease.”

Within each module, 16 Luxfer-manufactured G-Stor® Pro Type 3 composite cylinders contain the nitrogen. These cylinders are up to 20% lighter in weight than comparable Type 3 and Type 4 composite tanks and more than 60% lighter in weight than steel tanks.

Luxfer’s exclusive high-flow Quarter-turn Valves™ and pressure-relief devices (PRDs) provide faster fills and higher discharge performance. Luxfer-GTM Technologies uses Luxfer composite cylinders in its complete line of gas transportation and storage modules.

Michael Koonce, president of Luxfer-GTM Technologies, said, “We wanted to provide Luxfer Gas Cylinders a single gas transportation module that would maintain the volume of nitrogen they were currently using—meaning less change-out time for the user and more worker productivity. Our GTM1350 is easy to move, easy to operate and increases worker safety because there’s no need to handle heavy steel cylinders.”