If you’re not getting the maximum swing out of your club, industrial gas is helping enthusiasts raise their golfing game as one company pioneers with a nitrogen-infused clubhead for added power and distance.

It’s thought to take a golf swing speed of 110 mph to correctly compress the face of a golf club to maximise the smash factor (energy transfer from the swing to the ball).

Most golfers however, possess a much gentler and slower swing and therefore aren’t getting the maximum distance.

The nitrogen-enhanced Air Force One driver from PowerBilt gets around this problem though, helping golfers tee-off with ease and safe in the knowledge that the club’s conform to USGA (US Golf Association) regulations.

PowerBilt’s distinctive concept involves filling a clubhead with nitrogen at pressures of up to 150 psi, dramatically reducing both the thickness of the face and the need for mechanical bracing. This results in an increased flex in the clubface on impact, which translates into greater distance.

Using this ‘nitrogen-charged’ technology increases the trampoline effect to help golfers hit shots around 10-15 yards further, even if the swing isn’t at 110 mph.

The cutting-edge technology from the new Air Force One drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs maximises the smash factor for the golfer and is also safe from potential leaking. Each Air Force One clubhead is coated on the inside with a leak-proof resin and then charged with nitrogen gas to pressures as high as 150 psi. The air pressure provides the appropriate face support, so that each driver performs within USGA regulations.

As one of golf’s richest heritage brands, PowerBilt is a division of Hillerich and Bradsby Co., which dates back to 1884. The company has ensured that the nitrogen-charged technology is patented and has multiple patents pending.