As an industrial gas nitrogen has immense importance in a number of applications and industries but in an Australian first, Bridgestone Tyres Queensland is set to introduce nitrogen refilling for fleet operators as a method of tyre maintenance and extended shelf life.

Joining forces with Australia’s Nitroman, a specialist nitrogen inflation company, Bridgestone will offer the service at its Rocklea Tyre centre and is positive about the benefits the gas can add to the range of Bridgestone tyres for fleet operators in the heavy transport industry.

James Ryall, commercial sales manager for Bridgestone Queensland, commented, “At Bridgestone we believe nitrogen has a place in tyre maintenance and extending tyre life.”

“As a manufacturer and supplier of class leading tyres for the heavy transport industry we are committed to enhancing the already proven longevity of Bridgestone Tyres – the partnership with Nitroman ensures our customers are benefiting from the best possible tyre maintenance and technology in the world,” Ryall added.

Nitrogen gas has a vast variety of applications, including serving as an inert substitute for air where oxidation is undesirable. In terms of tyres, nitrogen molecules are less likely to escape the inside of a tyre compared with traditional air mixtures currently used. The gas may also have higher quality benefits for tyres, due to its inertness and lack of moisture or oxidation qualities.