Within the agreement of a concluded contract, Russian producer of gas and air separation equipment Grasys has delivered its first batch of serial nitrogen units to Israeli industrial company Bilik Felix Metal.

Nitrogen units of this series, AdA-0, 100/95, are designed for use in metal cutting, with a capacity of 50 nmi per hour and nitrogen purity of 99.9 percent. The unit is up to speed and in full operating conditions in a period of just 10-15 minutes. Minimal assembly effort and no special foundations are required for AdA products.

The basic key features of adsorption nitrogen units are low energy consumption, high reliability, simple operation and a low nitrogen net cost, from 0.3 rob/m3 (ruble per nmi).

Strengthening its position in the international markets, Grasys is one of the largest air separation company's and is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants in the world.