Nitrotec, a design and engineering company based in Brazil, has announced two improved transportation methods for delivering both liquid nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The South American company has launched its new transport tanks for cryogenic liquids, which have a 600 to 5000 litre capacity for transporting liquid nitrogen (N2), and an 8 bar(g) design pressure system.

Nitrotec liquid co2 transport 2

Nitrotec has developed these tanks to give economic areas, such as laboratories and universities, a cost-effective transportation option.

Additionally, Nitrotec has designed a new fully autonomous CO2 transportation unit. Developed by its engineering team, the new module holds up to 30 tonnes of CO2 and incorporates a diesel generator and a cooling unit, which allows the gas to travel over long distances without pressure increase or product loss.

The tank also contains an internal coil for cooling fluid circulation and maintains pressure.


Nitrotec is dedicated to the service of repair, industrial construction, engineering and equipment supply. Located in Itatiba, Brazil, the company focuses on oxygen (O2), N2 and CO2 for the chemical, food, petrochemical and beverage industries.