Design and engineering company Nitrotec has been approved by INMETRO to manufacture dangerous cargo transport tanks and semi-trailers for cryogenic products, CO2, LPG and ammonia.

INMETRO (the National Institute of Metrology, Standardisation and Industrial Quality) has issued the Brazilian company with a Certificate for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (CTPP).

As of February 2018, only companies approved by INMETRO are authorised to manufacture and sell in the Brazilian market tanks and semi-trailers for the transportation of dangerous cargo, including cryogenic, CO2, LPG and Ammonia. The rule is also valid for importing these products.

“With this homologation Nitrotec’s customer is guaranteed the product’s compliance and upon receiving it will be able to start its operation immediately, as it will meet all legal requirements and Nitrotec itself will issue the CTPP mandatory by law to transit in the territory Brazilian,” the company explained.