Having previously told of problems with acetylene cylinders for Norris Cylinder Company, gasworld would like to state that its article of 13th May titled ‘Cylinder recall launched’ was in fact inaccurate and there are currently NO problems whatsoever with the company’s products.

The article suggested that Norris has issued a mandatory recall this year for its A75- A420 size acetylene cylinders manufactured in January 2007 and early February 2007. However, this was not the case and gasworld would like to apologise most sincerely.

Norris had previously issued a mandatory recall, but this was in fact over a year ago and a problem the company first declared back in February 2007.

gasworld would like to stress to all its readers that there are currently no problems at all with the company’s products and apologises for both the error and oversight on our part, as well as what has naturally been a deeply upsetting incident for the Norris Cylinder Company.