Leak testing, proof testing and leak detection equipment manufacturer Nolek, based in Massachusetts, US, has announced the addition of the SniffIT X1® to its standard product line.

SniffIT X1® is a handheld, battery-driven, leak detector for detecting both helium and hydrogen, based on a completely new revolutionary patented technology; SniffIT technology®.

SniffIT X1® is ergonomic and the smallest high quality instrument on the market, weighing less than 10 ounces and with detection of both helium and hydrogen ensuring the device is independent of gas used for leak detection – the only one of its kind.

The smallest detectable levels of helium and hydrogen with the SniffIT technology® are in the range of 2x10-6 mbar.l/s, making the technology one of the most sensitive on the market.

With SniffIT technology® the sensor never gets saturated and hence the instrument has no variable costs as most alternatives. At the same time, it has instantaneous reaction time and no start-up time – just push the ON button and start sniffing, Nolek states.

The SniffIT X1® is built and developed to meet four main criteria: Simplicity; Affordability; Accuracy; and Mobility.

The device is simple as it is not operator dependent – simply press ON/OFF and if helium or hydrogen leaks from a producth it is shown on a LED bar. Colours change depending on the amount of gas.

It is the least expensive high quality sniffer on the market, less than half the price compared to alternatives and there are no variable costs hidden, Nolek assures.

In addition, it provides accurate results based on a reliable technology and at a size no bigger than a human hand, weighing 10 ounces and with 10 hours battery capacity, mobility is confirmed.