Nord Stream AG has commenced preparatory construction for the pipeline in the Bay of Greifswald.
Construction of the cofferdam, which was installed onshore in April, will be continued offshore. As will excavation work for the pipeline trench.

Dr Georg Nowack, Nord Stream Project Manager for Germany, stated, “These works constitute the timely beginning of the next important phase of construction activities in the German sector of the Nord Stream Pipeline. We are now creating the conditions necessary to begin pipe laying, as scheduled, at the end of June.”

Construction of the offshore section, which measures 550 metres, will require a temporary roadway on the eastern side of the cofferdam. The roadway is expected to be complete at the end of June.

Dredging of the pipeline trench will begin parallel to construction works on the cofferdam. Eight special excavators (two bucket excavators, three stilted excavators and three trailing hopper suction dredgers) will be used. Anchor tug boats, survey vessels, and transport barges will be used to support these efforts; with more than 40 ships in total.

Reusable excavated material will be temporarily stored in a pre-determined area east of Usedom. Similarly, the clay that is created will be brought onshore and later used, for example, to upgrade the ferry harbour in Sassnitz.

Nord Stream upheld its pledge to delay commencement of works until after the herring spawning season. The company request that users of the Bay of Greifswald first obtain up-to-date restriction information before undertaking a trip to the region. Information regarding exclusion zones can be accessed in marina bulletins, as well as online at All restrictions are expected to be lifted by the end of the year.