The world’s first hydrogen (H2)-electric ferry will be constructed by Norwegian shipping company Norled – and it will be operational in 2021.

Norled won the development, construction and operation contract and signed an agreement earlier this week with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

arbeidsdesign hydrogen ferje

Source: Norled

The ferry will be put into operation in Rogaland, Norway, connecting the national road 13 between Hjelmeland, Skipavik and Nesvik. Its capacity will be up to 299 passengers and 80 cars.

“This is technology development in the world class. The world looks to Norway. H2 will be the last piece to get zero emissions in the ferry sector. H2 is the solution where electric operation alone is not possible,” said Norwegian Public Roads Administration Director Terje Moe Gustavsen.

Zero emissions in the ferry sector result in an emission reduction of 600,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Signering Hydrogenferje_Løyning_og_Moe_Gustavsen

Source: Norled

“On behalf of Norled, I am both proud and humble to be a part of this pioneer project,” said Chairman Ingvald Løyning.

“We are looking forward to cooperating on another development project initiated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. This represents a green historical turning point for both Norled and the rest of the maritime.”