Norris Cylinder, a US-based manufacturer of high-pressure steel and acetylene cylinders, has achieved a facility certification by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to manufacture high-pressure compressed gas cylinders for offshore and marine industry applications.

ABS’s review of Norris Cylinder’s capabilities highlights the company’s success in meeting or exceeding the established regulatory standards for cylinder manufacturing.

With the facility certification, Norris Cylinder is approved for manufacturing high-pressure accumulator vessels as well as pursuing additional cylinder type approvals to support customer needs related to maritime uses of cylinders.

“Through Norris Cylinder’s Management System, we have proven the ability to comply with national and international regulations set forth by ABS of the manufacturing of pressure vessels for maritime applications,” said Fred Grindle, Norris Cylinder’s Vice-President of Quality and Environmental.

“The high-quality standards set forth by ABS very much mirrors our own level of quality that we strive for when producing each Norris cylinder,” Grindle continued.

Norris Cylinder is the only manufacturer of high-pressure steel and acetylene cylinders in the US.