Located in Longview, Texas, Norris Cylinder Company’s principle objective is to manufacture the highest quality product used for the shipping and dispensing of compressed gases.
Since 1981, the company has manufactured over 5,000,000 high-pressure cylinders at its plant in Longview, Texas. This represents over 30 million cylinder life years of service.
Over 200 people are currently employed at the Longview facility, where the company boasts a sizeable 270 square foot factory and 2 plants for the manufacture of cylinders, one dedicated to high pressure cylinders and the other committed to producing acetylene cylinder products.

High-pressure cylinders
Norris produces high pressure, seamless cylinders, widely used for shipping, storing, and dispensing industrial gases. Cylinders are fabricated from chromium-molybdenum steel and produced in strict compliance with all applicable cylinder specifications. Each cylinder is manufactured by the hot billet pierce method, which produces a seamless cylinder with the bottom integral to the sides.
A line of high pressure cylinders utilising a modified Cr-Mo steel with a tensile strength of around 1100 Mpa has now been developed by the company. These cylinders offer an increased gas content to weight ratio over previous generation Cr-Mo cylinders.

Cylinders are manufactured to either ISO 9809-1 or ISO 9809-2 specifications and can be supplied with a Pi mark for use within Europe. In addition, the DOT has recently authorized Norris Cylinder the use of the UN stamp approval under HM-220E allowing these ISO cylinders to be transported into and out of the United States.

Acetylene cylinders
The company’s asbestos-free acetylene cylinders are manufactured from steel disks that are cold cupped, drawn, and welded to form a shell. These acetylene cylinders meet DOT 8/TC 8WM or DOT 8AL/TC 8WAM specifications.

The company’s pacesetter asbestos free acetylene cylinders are filled with highly porous lime-silica slurry, which provides the stabilization necessary for the safe storage of acetylene gas. Fusible safety devices are also installed in each cylinder for added safety in the event of an external fire.

Speciality cylinders
ASME storage cylinders are designed and produced by Norris for a wide variety of applications, such as compressed natural gas refuelling stations, and air and nitrogen accumulators. To complement this, the company is also authorised to use the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) “U” Code symbol, which certifies that its ASME products meet all the requirements of the ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Part UF and Shop Fabrication of Pressure Vessels Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

Seamless Low Pressure Chlorine Cylinders are fabricated from chromium-molybdenum steel and are produced in strict compliance with DOT/TC specifications. All these cylinders meet Chlorine Institute and Emergency Kit “A” specifications.

Global strength
Norris Cylinder Company’s products are sold in more than 20 countries and its customer service capability is worldwide, providing an immediate response to meeting its diverse international markets. Its products are manufactured in accordance with stringent quality and code requirements worldwide, while the Norris Cylinder Company conforms to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards as well as ISO 14001:1996 environmental standards. All cylinders are inspected for compliance to applicable government standards by a registered third party inspection agency. Norris Cylinder Company’s multiple code capability and its commitment to quality and safety enables its strength to set the standard for industry dependability.

Global resources
Norris Cylinder Company gains additional resources as an operating entity of TriMas Corporation as a part of its Industrial Specialties segment. TriMas is made up of 5 business groups covering diverse market segments to include: RV & Trailer Products, Recreational Accessories, Packaging Systems, Energy Products, and Industrial Specialties.

From Large Multinational Industrial Gas companies such as Airgas, Air Liquide, Air Products, BOC, Linde and Praxair to the Independent Gas and Welding Supply Distributor, Norris has been the benchmark in defining the finest quality Gas containment products.

The name of Norris has been synonymous with quality, safety and significant service for nearly three quarters of a century.

First established in 1930 by Kenneth T. Norris as a producer of fabricated metal products, the company developed expertise in metal forming over the years.

As Norris expanded, a highly diversified product line began to emerge. From the manufacture of missile casings to kitchen sinks, the Norris family has played a vital role in supporting the American Dream.