Norris Cylinder Company, a TriMas company, has been named the first and only manufacturer of a US-approved UN ISO 9809-4 cylinder.

The 3.5” OD (90mm) all stainless steel cylinders are available in lengths ranging from 10¾ to 29 inches (273 – 737mm) with water capacities of between 1 – 2.75 litres and a service pressure of 1800 psi (124.1 bar).

“Stainless steel cylinders are important to many of our customers to satisfy their very unique gas applications,” said Sally Mitchell, Vice-President of Engineering at Norris Cylinder.

“As regulations continue to change, we are proud to be able to provide a US DOT and TPED approved UN/ISO alternative to allow them to transport these small, speciality gas cylinders around the world.”

The UN ISO 9809-4 cylinders are also TPED approved, which allows for use as a transportable cylinder in Europe.