Air Products will be participating in both the sustainable manufacturing forum (SMF) and global summit on advanced manufacturing (GSAM) as part of this year’s Semicon West in San Francisco from Monday July 7th to Wednesday 10th.

As part of the week-long event, Air Products’ Dr. Andrew Johnson will deliver presentations on Materials Recovery and Reuse at both the SMF and GSAM. Dr. Johnson will take a look at the business drivers for materials recovery and reuse, which include reducing costs, lowering supply chain risk and achieving sustainability goals. With case studies from industries as diverse as lighting and electronics, he will lay out the benefits and challenges of recycling materials such as xenon, helium and hydrogen.

In addition, Air Products Dr. Eugene Karwacki will be part of a panel on the Next Generation Eco Fab during Session 10 at the Sustainable Manufacturing Forum.  This panel is comprised of stakeholders throughout the semiconductor supply chain who will discuss in roundtable format the critical sustainability issues the industry will face in the future.

“As key raw materials in the semiconductor manufacturing process become constrained because of costs or supply limitations, effluents from these processes may be economically recycled,” said Johnson, global marketing manager, Sustainability, for Air Products Electronics.

“Capturing these materials can help manufacturers lower their operating costs, stabilize the supply chain for these materials and help companies attain their Sustainability goals.”