Air Liquide hosted a grand opening event for two new packaged gas facilities in the Bayport Industrial District, southeast of Houston, Texas.

The facilities, a new cylinder filling centre located on the grounds of Air Liquide’s industrial gas production complex in La Porte which is to replace the buildings damaged in February 2013 incident – which resulted in one worker dying and one being injured.

The La Porte cylinder filling centre features an innovative automated system that blends and packages pure industrial gases produced onsite such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases, incorporating state–of–the–art technology to fill cylinders with enhanced precision and accuracy.

The facility in Pasadena features Air Liquide’s in house mixing technology as well as some of the most modern safety and gas detection equipment available, enabling Air Liquide to expand its blending and analytical capabilities.

The facilities will serve customers in a range of industries. Industrial and specialty gases are used for many applications, including research, analysis, process control, manufacturing, and many others.

John Buckley, CEO of Air Liquide USA, commented, “These state of the art specialty gas facilities embody the Air Liquide mission to serve customers with operational excellence, incorporating best-in-class technologies to optimise productivity, reliability, and most importantly, safety, in our cylinder operations.”

“These facilities are vital assets of Air Liquide, and we are proud of their important role in the strength and growth of industry and this region.”

Air Liquide’s history in the Bayport Industrial District dates back to the mid 1960s, and today employs nearly 300 people at multiple facilities in La Porte and Pasadena.